Name: Jane "Soldier" Doe
Age: 30 | birth year 1987
Gender: Male. a Mans Man, he would say. he's had top surgery.
Sexuality: that's an adventure we're all going to ride.
Religion: Very Christian, chooses his favorite parts about it, though, never had any direction in reguards to it.


at work i almost, like, froze where i was because i thought about modern soldier with, obviously, a WWII hyperfixation that manifests through video games. Soldier Is A Gamer.

he spent a majority of his childhood being extremely ill - in fact his birth parents dropped him anonymously at an orphanage because he was too stubborn to die, but wouldn't get any better. due to his corpse-like nature the caretakers called him Jane Doe (cuz dfab)

most of jane's funds went into medical costs, so the orphanage didn't bother sending him to school, or getting a tutor for him. the most he got was volunteer veterans from the Old Folks Home across the street who came to keep the kids company.

which is a blessing because Jane was never good with people. beyond his illness, he was always different. luckily, one old man in particular took a liking to Jane and although he could never adopt or fully care for him, he did bring old war VHS tapes and historical documentaries

which, in a way, connected Jane's brain together - he would ponder patriotism, the man's stories, war, His Purpose in his hours of spare time because.. the kids didn't want to hang out with the sick kid. his obsession did push the boundaries of reality, but for jane reality hurt.

jane eventually did get healthy, unfortunately far after his best friend (the old man) had passed away. but he couldn't ever connect with other kids, or even parents who were willing to take on a challenge.

he finally had enough energy to yell, play rough, to partake in everything he missed during his formative years which meant that... he'd never had a chance to form. nobody to learn from by doing, nobody patient enough to try and get to know what made Jane work.
he was an outcast. but he didn't mind, the image of himself he formed during his youth, his many many daydreams of being a war hero, of being strong, valiant, in Charge of his own destiny, willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for his ideals.. it didn't mesh with the other kids. they weren't worth his time.

the orphanage started sending him to odd jobs when he was 16, which he'd only last at for a few days before his temper got the best of him, or how it would be near impossible for his employers to keep his attention, or his insistence of using war-terms that made no goddamn sense.

but with the meager pay he'd get to keep from his work, a new door was opened for him and that was... Video Games. around this time (considering he's born in 1987) the first Call of Duty was released and he was entirely sold with it.

eventually jane grew out of the system with no family, or connections but he found solitude was good for him. he would work-out (refusing to ever be as weak as he vividly remembered being, not when his country needed him), do his job as a very hardcore personal trainer, and Game.

he does this for about 5 years, meanwhile being denied from every affiliation with the military due to past illness and not passing, like, any of the psych evals. and then... fuck, man, stumbles into tf2 bullshit and the rest of history i guess?